Organic Hills (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Erma Miller, currently studying at the Art Institute of Houston, United States.

The objective of this course was to create a fictional food collection line for Williams-Sonoma. The collateral design consisted of labels, packaging, a shopping bag, promotional postcards and a point-of-purchase poster. The key objective in my collateral project was to create a distinctive and appealing product line that would evoke a vintage nostalgia through the use of simple typography and hand illustrations. To carry the products and to serve as a means of promotion, a canvas bag was sewn and designed with product illustrations.

Organic Hills
Organic Hills is the product brand name and focuses on healthy, hearty and delicious organic ingredients. The following food collection was inspired by the great Bobby Flay.

Organic Hills, the new food collection only at Williams-Sonoma: BLUE CORN PANCAKE MIX A hearty blend of rich, organic ground blue corn and wheat flour. CINNAMON INFUSED MAPLE SYRUP A smooth, full-bodied pure maple syrup infused with real cinnamon. ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY A delicate sweet honey with unique citrus hints from orange blossoms.

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