Pyramid Brewery (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Tim Masterson, a student from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, United States.

The Pyramid Brewing Company is a growing west coast brewery that attracts young energetic beer drinkers who enjoy a quality craft beer. Currently the Hefeweizen brew is a popular choice amongst sophisticated drinkers, yet national breweries such as Miller or Budweiser do not offer them in stores. This provides Pyramid brewery a great opportunity to expand and attract new customers with design. I decided to redesign this brand to compete with the top breweries, but also keep the current brand equity alive. I embraced the yellow and black color combination of the original pyramid neck label because it will certainly stand out on store shelves amongst the top brands. The angled and bold type communicates to the buyer a sense of tradition and trust. Overall I believe these design decisions will attract a young generation looking for a new beer they could enjoy and stay loyal to.