Twinings Green Tea


‘Get back to you’ with BrandOpus designed Twinings Green Teas

It’s Green Tea, but like you’ve never seen or tasted before… BrandOpus have brought a dash of the Far East to the Twinings portfolio, delving into the Orient to create striking new designs for the iconic British tea manufacturer’s range of Green Teas.

The agency were appointed by Twinings to enhance the brands leadership position in the Green Tea category through a range of more confident and modern designs. BrandOpus commissioned fashion illustrator Tobie Giddio to create the unique ink drawings in vibrant colours across the range of fifteen packs, bringing to life the quality ingredients which go into making each cup of Twinings Green Tea.

The world-renowned artist, who has previously worked for Alexander McQueen, Vogue and Tiffany & Co. says, “I wanted the illustrations to express the art of these delightful blends in a visual way. Utilising the unique combination of ingredients, I was able to achieve a true expression of the delightful flavour that is unique to these special combinations.“

It’s not just the pack designs that are new – the relaunch also sees the introduction of six exciting new blends. Using tastes and ingredients typical of East Asian tradition Twinings have created three new fruity blend Green Teas with a contemporary twist: Mango & Lychee Green Tea, Tangerine & Verbena Green Tea and Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea. Twinings Pure Yunnan Province Green Tea and Pure Anhui Province Green Tea are new premium blends, both have been created using handpicked, single origin flushes from the mountainous Chinese regions of Anhui and Yunnan. The sixth addition is decaffeinated ‘Pure’ Green Tea which has a light, clean taste and golden colour but no caffeine.

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