Designed by Samy Ventura, United States.

Student work for The Art Institute of Ca. -Inland Empire. Ugly Sweater is a product line of limited edition set of Christmas candles that would be sold at Target. The theme of the candles is based off of the ugly sweater kids despised getting for Christmas.

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  1. It is interesting how just a decorative border around the packaging was enough to represent the "sweater" in the title of the product. I would think adding "arms"(of the sweater)akimbo or crossed (since we often show we don't like something we are wearing by crossing our arms) to the packages would also be good, but that is probably too much. Simplicity is key, right?

  2. The brand name got my attention first off. Anyway, the old style minimalist design of the packaging perfectly suits the Christmas products. The packaging does not alienate the consumers on the traditional feel of Christmas products.

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