Derrick Lin


Designed by Michael Golan, Israel.

Anima is a company which manufacture organic care products for animals. All their products are made from natural, organic hydrosoils and flower essences. The products are intended for Dogs, Cats and Horses.As a new company Anima just didn’t have vasts of money to spend on complicated packaging. So it was decided to produce only labels for the bottles.” More after the jump!

This way they will be able to keep the packaging cost to minimum. It was important to me that the product wouldn’t “suffer” from this decision and come out looking “cheap”. Each label was also designed in a way it can be printed using just back + a pantone color or using only 3 colors when printing in CMYK, thus reducing the printing costs even more.

This images are from some new and some older labels. The company is marketing it’s products in Israel but will start marking the products in Europe and through their website soon.