Derrick Lin


Designed by Design Activity, United Kingdom.

Bassett’s vitamins have real heritage. Evidence however, suggested the brand was unable to retain core users as children grew into teens and beyond. This challenge was the focus of the re-design.

It was clear that the solution required a two-fold strategy; firstly we had to create a brand marque for Bassett’s Soft and Chewy that would re-instate its caring family values and provide leadership in the category. Secondly we needed to build and develop ownable pack equities that provide clear life stage differentiation along with a choice for all family members.

The new branding and design livery extended the core range to include teen and adult propositions which achieved trade and consumer acceptance almost immediately, including 100% distribution of the expanded range in all multiple grocers, accelerating Bassett’s growth ahead of the market. Value sales achieved 49% growth in the first 6 months, with the absence of any other marketing support.

“We are delighted that consumer perceptions of our brand have changed in exactly the way we wanted and this is a direct result of the new branding and pack designs which allow the brand to stretch and grow beyond the kids sectors – thank you DA!”

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