Finca Natural



Designed by Brasilia Prima, Argentina.

Integrated Branding Program for “Finca Natural“ a line of meal products based on soy, a worldwide known source of protein, carbohydrates, and important nutrients.

Brasilia Prima was in charge of the Naming, as well as the Branding and all the tasks involved in the construction from zero of a new brand for the food industry. This means, we also designed the Packaging, Merchandising, Exhibition Design, Web Design and the stationery including a Brochure.

This product will be sold in premium supermarkets with European and American standards, since it is meant to reach international markets.

“Finca Natural” was originated with the ideal of a social commitment to improving society’s food and nutrition practices. The brand seeks to raise awareness on the importance of changing current food practices in order to get more balanced, nutritious, and high-protein foods, taking advantage of and grouping the different resources provided by nature.

This important concept triggered the idea behind the packaging and the Logo to work with one of the biggest natural resources of Argentina: the fields. Argentina is a big producer of soybean and other cereals. The natural landscape inspired the name, giving the entire project a home made feeling !

“Finca Natural“ is a delight of the countryside.

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