Designed by Millford Brand-id, the Netherlands.

We have been privileged to work for the Ahold brand, Gall & Gall since the repositioning in 2009. The iconic logo and brand style we developed at that time have been well adopted throughout the store and the other touch points like website and promotional materials. After this successful repositioning, Gall & Gall decided in 2011 to develop a private label. The range of 43 products across all categories has recently been introduced.

The brief
Develop the design of the private label brand matching the brand positioning. The design will be carried in all categories: from wines to liquors and whiskeys.

The concept
An already familiar design element from the retail environment has been taken to the next level. The glass-outlines that have already been used for the routing and brand-style have been used for the silhouettes on the label. The familiar shapes of the glass relevant to the category, now used as silhouettes, form an iconic device in the design. They carry the iconic logo of Gall & Gall creating a relation between the product and the brand.
The eccentrically placed device makes the design more approachable and provides a platform for the product name.

Finding the balance between price perception, recognizability and product coding (category codes) while building on the Gall brand have been challenging, but have successfully been met.

The result
The design makes the range visible and recognizable throughout the store. It keeps its strong identity while adjusting to the variety of bottle shapes and category codes.

The product range completes the set of touch points of the Gall & Gall brand and fulfills a crucial role in the extension of the brand into the lives of consumers, creating a stronger brand.