Designed by We Are Pure, United Kingdom.


Brand and packaging design consultancy We Are Pure has unveiled its complete rebrand of Oxfordshire-based brewery Loddon.

As part of the three-month project, We Are Pure has produced fresh new concepts for Loddon’s range of five core beers, as well a monthly special beer. The consultancy has also produced new marketing material, including beer mats, runners, pump clips and glasses, as the family-run brewery looks to increase its market share.

Loddon’s new branding places greater emphasis on the recognisable dragonfly logo and blue colouring, which both reflect the brewery’s name, derived from the River Loddon. The logo is now much larger, with the dragonfly also featuring on the neck of the bottle. New typeface has also been created to give the brand a more simplistic, modern feel.

Commenting on the project, We Are Pure’s owner and creative partner David Rogers said:

“Our work with Loddon presented an interesting challenge as we needed to produce an innovative concept that had clear shelf standout, whilst still retaining a sense of heritage and family. The brewery has an incredibly loyal customer base and whilst we were aiming to appeal to a new audience, we also didn’t want to alienate existing consumers.

“This is the first time we’ve rebranded a beer range, and I think that has worked to our advantage. We were able to draw on our experience in other sectors and avoid market stereotypes. The result is a concept that seamlessly blends the old and new and will hopefully take Loddon to a whole new level.”

Chris Hearn, director at Loddon Brewery, added:

“This was a major project for us and We Are Pure took the design brief and went above and beyond our expectations to make our brand even stronger. We’re confident that it will be a huge hit with our customers and within the brewing industry as a whole.”

We Are Pure works across a range of sectors and has a client portfolio that includes Trevor Sorbie, Blockbuster and Russian confectionery giant Slavyanka.

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