Derrick Lin


Structural Packaging Design by Mat Bogust of THINK Packaging and artwork by Jason Petterson of Gusto Design, New Zealand.

Gusto Design approached me with some very nice work that they’d developed for “ONE DROP”. Three differently labelled bottles which looked the business and needed some packaging to house them.

The brief was to design some stylish as well as sturdy packaging. It was a clear vision to me that the pack would indeed keep with the branding. This meant keeping the display as open as possible and the front having the same shape as the bottle to give prominent shelf appeal and recognition. These packs are to be sold in the likes of Bunnings and Mitre 10 so there will be many hands reaching and grabbing at this product. So the design was engineered to have a custom shaped fitting placed into the bottom to hold the bottles individually. This means that when a buyer picks one out, all of the others stand tall and proud instead of slipping forward or over and looking untidy … we wouldn’t want that now would we! Adding a euroslot too means that these can hang from shelf struts also if needed. Great for when shelf space may be limited or they have a promotion in store.