Undez (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ashley Gaffney, Hong Kong.

OBJECTIVE – For the final project in my History of Graphic Design class we were asked to select a variety of designers or movements and apply their style to a particular item.

I decided to create a non-existing brand of women’s underwear that could be an in-house brand for Target. Hypothetically, this Target brand, ‘Undez’ would collaborate with AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Artists, to promote female designers in the industry. Each designer was matched to a personality, which also spoke to the style of the packaging. Leela Vignelli was sophisticated, Zuzana Lichko was sexy and Paula Scher was wild.

CONCEPT – The packaging of this simple store brand embodies a woman’s “underwear buying experience,” pinpointing the main attractions of it from both a high and low end purchasing level. In total, a woman enjoys the intimate experience she gets with her panties when she buys them at the store. From the texture of the panties to the feeling and weight of the box or bag, these elements were recorded and influenced the design of the packaging. I wanted the packaging to reflect two major points that I felt would persuade and inform the buyer. The first, is the classic phrase, “Look but don’t touch.” The second, creating a system to emotionally empower women mentally, but individually meet their needs and the cut of panties she desires.