Wishes 2012

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Nickandjack, France.

Objective :
Get more audience on our website and start a new collaboration with advertising agencies in Paris.

Idea :
Use a new media than a mail to wish our best wishes to the creatives directors in agency. Use a Twelfth-Night pancake during the following day for the Feast of the Epiphany celebrations.

The main idea was to create a mini trophy which looks like to the famous Cannes’ Gold Lion, one of the best world class award in advertising.
We wanted to offer only the best of 2012 to creatives directors, so that’s the reason why we decided to choose the best part of this Twelfth-Night pancake, the one which contains the precious award.
The pancake is coming from the best pastry cook, ” the Poilâne House ” in Paris. It’s a new and very creative pancake realized by Michèle Gay, a french creative cooking perfumer who used a myrrhose and insence flavouring on the top of the cake.

Finally, the bean looks like to the best award in advertising and assert the sentence on our wishes card : “ We wish you only the besf of 2012