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Willie’s Cacao taking ‘the adventure of real chocolate’ to a wider audience

Willie’s Cacao, the only premium chocolate maker in the UK making cacao from ‘bean to bar’, is planning to take ‘the adventure of real chocolate’ to a wider audience.

They are launching seven new products in a new more accessible size, and most notably, branching out into milk and white chocolate. At the same time, BrandOpus have redesigned the range to strengthen the brand identity and simplify communication. Willie Harcourt-Cooze first introduced people to the delights of the world’s great cacaos, in his Channel 4 TV documentaries and with his Chef’s 100% Cacao cylinders. Now he is making his delectable single estate eating chocolate available in a new, single 50g square.

“I want everyone to experience some of the awakening I did,” says Willie. “Like fine wines, cacaos have stunningly individual flavours and few things give me more pleasure than watching someone gasping with delight as this realisation dawns.”

This smaller size follows the 2011 success of the 50g Fruitful range, with its perfect combinations of cacaos and inclusions like Ginger Lime. Now milk and white chocolate lovers too can join the adventures in taste. Milk of the Gods is made with 44% Rio Caribe, its complex notes of coffee and nuts dancing with the milk. The light, creamy El Blanco is a first because unlike most white chocolates, sugar is its smallest not largest ingredient, and it is made with unrefined cocoa butter so maintaining the distinct notes from the cacao.

BrandOpus developed a new confident and consistent identity for Willie’s Cacao, with the individual personalities of each product evoked through the use of colour and distinctive typography. The result is a simplified pack that achieves greater standout on shelf and is easier to navigate. The new design hits the shelf in Waitrose and top end independents in February.

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