The Cloud Factory

Derrick Lin


Designed by Anthony Biles, Alastair Duckworth and Ross Hamilton of Biles Inc., United Kingdom.

A flowing expanse of billowing cloud was the sign to ancient seafarers that New Zealand’s distant shores would soon be in sight. Inspired by this story, Boutinot UK produced ‘The Cloud Factory’, a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand – a celebration of their ‘land of the long white cloud’.

The Challenge
As a new brand, The Cloud Factory needed to cut through the visual clutter of the Supermarket aisle, to float above a saturated ocean of special offers, price flashes and ballooning clichés. It needed a visual proposition that would reflect its identity and origin without reverting to the obvious graphic language of a traditional wine label.

The Solution
What should a Cloud Factory look like? Our collective imagination produced a whimsical contraption that could have been designed by Heath Robinson and brought to life by Terry Gilliam – a flying machine that Phileas Fogg would be dying to commandeer.

Of course, no brilliant invention would be complete without its name lovingly crafted to compliment its creation, so The Cloud Factory’s unique lettering is hand rendered: presenting an irresistible invitation for one and all to come and try something new.

The Cloud Factory. A new world wine, with old world adventure.