Mirey Underwear

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Derrick Lin


Designed by ARC’S, Italy.

ARC’S has been recently called to project a brand new range of underwear for Russian stylish and young women and the output is a fresh and iconic new player in the market.

Mirey Underwear wants to satisfy Russian consumers who believe that foreign product is much better then the domestic one. The mission is make every woman sexy, comfortable and elegant at the same time. Mirey Underwear positions itself as the brand able to fit everybody’s needs in terms of quality and beauty, being stylish and cool through an affordable expense.

Within Russian’s underwear segment he main competitors look all alike and Mirey’s impact should underline its differentiation and distinction. Another point of value is a clear comunication to consumers about what type of underwear and which color is in the package without unsealing it. Regarding the shape it was demanded something cool and distinctive, especially considering the retail format… supermarkets where all the brands stand in a crowd.

The package is stylish, fresh, ironic and premium. We have stressed the concept of wide windows in order to maximize the final effect. Iconic design becomes eye catching and involving: colors are feminine and identify each range, conveying a new visual impact for a category which is absolutely standardized and flat.

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