Mood Garden Star Libs



Designed by Alexander Chin of Mood Garden, United States. You can help Mood Garden’s kickstart their launch, every dollar counts!

Made to be the perfect tabletop centerpiece, the Star Package is an ideal conversation starter. The pentagonal box holds 10 triangular modules, each holding a teabag inside. The teas are organized by mood with 2 of each type in every box set. Each module contains a set of blank spaces that users can fill in reminiscent of nostalgic Mad Lib puzzles. The package is interactive and reusable with multiple blanks and over 6,000 sentence combinations. This design gives the users a game to play while they wait for their tea to brew.

Because the teas are sold by mood, the sentence prompt encourages tea drinkers to describe how they are feeling with the tea they’re drinking.

Mood Garden is an online tea retailer that wants to change the way you drink your tea. Focusing on providing high quality Fair Trade tea in the convenience of tea bags, their vision is to create a tea experience worth talking about.