Simeon Cognac (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Nikolay Boyanov, Bulgaria.

Purpose of the project: A Cognac bottle design named after Simeon (a Bulgarian tsar). Simeon was Tsar of Great Bulgaria (893 – 927). In the years of his reign, the state spread across three seas. This is also the Golden Age of the Bulgarian state.

Description of the product completion: The shape of the bottle has to remind of a crown shape, but it is with rounded corners (edges) because of the cognac’s softness.

The cap of the bottle has the color of old gold with inlaid precious stones (the idea is taken from a famous Bulgarian painting depicting Tsar Simeon).
The sign of the brand is a stylized image of Simeon with a cross on the crown because Bulgaria was then a Christian state.

The font “Simeon” is borrowed from historical documents written back then in Bulgaria in Glagolitic. The symbols of the font cognac are typical for Byzantium at that time – when many goods came in Bulgaria from there.

Target group: Luxury cognac with distillates aged for more than 6 years, appropriate for business meetings and strengthening of business relations.