Sustainable Origami Food Box

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Michealle Lee
Get it on: Aphinitea Packaging
Packaging Content: Food
Packaging Material: Virgin white paperboard without coating
Location: Philippines

This is a packaging for a quick service mobile eatery in Manila, Philippines called Guactruck. Inspired by origami, the packaging resembles a bud that blooms into a flower when opened. It was created with sustainability in mind, being only one piece of paperboard with no glue or plastic.

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  1. Wow! This is quiet brilliant. An eco-friendly way of using cute and creative paper plate. It is very resourceful, indeed.

  2. That is really attractive as well as eco-friendly paper. Very impressive way to use carton as a packaging material.

  3. Nice looking package!
    On which bases do you define this as sustainable? Of course: one piece and main component paper/cardboard, but you will definitely need a coating or impregnation (e.g. PFOA/PFOS based) to make this work in contact with food – especially with fat.
    A two piece version (tray and lid) out plastic (monomaterial) could be even more sustainable.

  4. Thanks! For this particular packaging used by Guactruck, we used virgin white paperboard without coating. So it is fully biodegradable and compostable. This said, our other clients at Aphinitea Packaging ( — this is the company that makes and designs the packaging) who use the same packaging request for coating as it makes more sense if used for food. In this case, sustainability would come from the proper disposal of the boxes. If the packaging is sent through the right channels for recycling, then that will reduce the waste that goes to the landfills. The scenario is similar to compostable plastic or materials, if those materials were not disposed of properly (composted), they may also go straight to the landfills and not decompose for a very long time. Composting requires the right environment, without that, the material will just stay as it is. — Michealle Lee

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