Aguijón de Abeja (Redesigned)


Besares, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

Designed by Natalia Arena of Arena Bahamonde, Argentina.


Aguijón de Abeja is a line redesign and extension project carried out by Natalia Arena and José Bahamonde. The line needed to grow vertically
(Classic: OBRERA, Reserve: NODRIZA , Grand Reserve: THE QUEEN) and horizontally adding varietals. These clients also wanted that labels looked more trendy and elegant.

The name had to be kept, Aguijón de Abeja is homage to solidarity, experience, perseverance, curiosity, sacrifice, and hope…
We identify with the joint and persistent work of bees seeking for a common purpose as the work tirelessly for the wines to travel around the world…
Represent the result of teamwork, the constant search to bring to the honeycomb the best of each plant.

We use great colors to each varietal, hexagon texture and bee icons.

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