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Derrick Lin


Designed by dpod & THINK Packaging, New Zealand.

Director – Andrew Nalder, dpod (plus the wizardry pop out idea)
Artwork – Gregoire Aubourg, dpod
Photography – Bryce Carleton, dpod
Print, production, make up – dpod team
Structural packaging design / Vision – Mat Bogust, THINK Packaging

With such a neat plethora of skills and service, dpod wanted to create a piece that is not only visually striking but encapsulates the dpod brand/experience – “possible is everything”

Where to start … Idea – *BANG* Clapper board

In a nutshell … a working, cracking, snapping clapper board! Within this lies a cinema style pack that slides open on either side just like at the start of the movies. Showing off a DVD video showreel & a snazzy booklet with pro shot images of the packaging that they have created for clients.

With some creative thinking and as always, some rather good cardboard engineering – the vision was born.

The clapper is made from E Flute and has a magnetic closure on the reverse flap. Once you open this, a clever piece of wizardry has the inside popping out around 15mm so you can pull it out easily and think “what the … how the … ?” Once you calm your excitement levels, you simply pull either end of the stage apart and it reveals the goodies to drool over.

A perfect solution to demonstrate the dpod experience – design, photo, video, print, packaging & smarts
Contact the crew to get your hands on one of these and have a look at the serious skills that these guys offer.

  1. The packaging is really nice. And the box design is simple but attractive. And from the looks of it, its very easy and simple to open. The idea is really good and innovative if I would say so myself.

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