Skeyndor’s Make Up Line

Derrick Lin


Designed by Garrofé Brand&Pack, Spain.

The brand of cosmetics Skeyndor has entrusted to Garrofé Brand&Pack the redesign of his Make Up’s complete line, with the aim to renew his image to direct it a more professional and technical sector. The aim has been to create a packaging that was identified by professionalism and that was attractive for a type of target technically and specialized in the sector of makeup and cosmetics.

The aesthetics of the whole make up line have been reinvented in each product. Because of that we gave absolute protagonism to the colors black and silver, with combinations of brilliant and dully in the aesthetics of the flasks. It flees of the typical chromatic habitual codes in the products of this sector and competes for a simple and elegant aesthetics.

The design of the packaging has sought first of all, to transmit a sober image that breathes professionalism, according to the most technical public of which this new line is directed to.

The whole line of Skeyndor’s Make Up answers with his design to the expectations of the brand, which wants to position it between a more professional and specialized public.