SunRice Noodle Meal Kits

Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Designed by Boxer & Co., Australia.

SunRice already operate very successfully within the ambient ready-to-eat area, with a large range of curry and rice meal products. They were keen to do something different with this, their first foray into noodles. The brief was to highlight the authenticity of the recipes as well as creating some cut-through in the category by illustrating the realness of the products’ ingredients.
The sub-brand typography links to the current, successful range and the SunRice logo sits clear and proud on the pack, giving an exciting new product a firm and trusted grounding.

The black wok-like bowl, chopsticks and architectural icons link the product to its original Asian recipe. The rustic wooden background connotes the realness of the product, while raw vegetable cameos highlight the simplicity of the ingredients. The story is continued on the back of pack, with a hand-written recipe-like ‘contents’ section and a chopping-board frame for the romance copy.
Overall, the dark and soulful pack colouring gives an air of quiet sophistication, premium and standout within an otherwise multi-coloured, light-hearted category.

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