Melinda Fruit Snacks



Designed by Minale Tattersfield, United Kingdom.

Vibrant new looks – Melinda’s latest fruit snacks get full treatment

UK design agency Minale Tattersfield has produced new branding and packaging designs for Melinda’s latest line of fruit-centric snacks and apple-inspired treats including Melamangio, Frubetta, Grand Frutta, Fruit Sensation and Gellose.

The five new products are the combined result of a portfolio strategy designed to open up Melinda’s offer to new demographic and lifestyle categories and give the brand a more consumer-focused appeal across domestic and export markets.

Working in close partnership with Consorzio Melinda from “Val di Non” in Northern Italy’s Trento province, the Minale Tattersfield team contributed its branding expertise across every stage of development including logotype design and product name creation.

The logotype has been refreshed with a hand-stickered look and applied across the new range like a stamp of approval to reassure consumers who have come to enjoy the taste and superior quality of Melinda apples.

“Moving away from the old packaging designs centred on a prominent logo and category descriptor towards an endorsed brand-based identity, we are able to apply a more modern look and feel with a visual impact that should appeal across each target group”, says Marcello Minale, Managing Director of Minale Tattersfield.

Melamangio is a chocolate-coated dried apple stick snack that comes in a convenient 25g sachet pack ideal. Other apple-based products include: Frubetta,
­a chocolate-flavoured fruit cereal bar; Grand Frutta, a creamy apple purée combi-snack with a separated white chocolate sprinkle crunch; Fruit Sensation a healthy-option confectionery snack and Gellose a more indulgent candied fruit treat.

Melamangio range
Frubetta range
Fruit Sensation range
Gellose range
Grand Frutta range