Red and White Wine

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Peter Bankov and Julia Nevstrueva of Design Depot, Russia.

Red and white wine CARRE ROUGE & CARRE BLANC

The vast majority of Russians cannot feel the difference between the brands of French, Italian and Spanish wines. In everyday life terms, there a phrasal expression of “Good Red” and “Good White” wine. This means that the situation demands a direct and effective solution in reference for making a wine purchase. In DesignDepot we have developed labels for the wine brand CARRE ROUGE & CARRE BLANC launched by «OVG» team. Wine of two kinds, red and white, is produced and bottled in France under a special trademark especially for Russia to fill in the segment of up-middle.

The inspiration to create wine labels «Carré rouge & Carré blanc» served as a square – a figure that represented the perfection and simplicity simultaneously. Designed in minimalist design emphasizes the nature of the product – just look to see all of the drink, without further ado.

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