Derrick Lin


Designed by Designworks, New Zealand.

To update a New Zealand Beer icon- refreshing and restaging the Tui identity system across all activity areas: on premise, signage, all packaging variants, merchandise, sponsorship and game activities.

The goal being to balance the attitudinal strength of the brand by injecting quality and authenticity cues that reference the heritage of Tui that was becoming lost.

We focused first on creating a badge of quality for Tui- simplifying the identity down to the key elements and raising up the icons of the brand to larger than life proportions. The word and bird, Tui orange, the Toki tower and the Henry Wagstaff signature. We then translated the thinking across the different packaging variants by emphasizing different sides of the individual beers, styles and characters.

Tui East India Pale Ale (EIPA)– Our original classic

Tui Blond– Our modern innovator

Tui Dark– Our brewing credentials

After being applied first on the EIPA, the badge was rolled out as a flexible yet consistent element across the brand family and extended as a signature device on to touchpoints like signage sponsorship, communications and merchandise.

Design Director: Jef Wong

Design Team: Michael Barron, Damian Alexander, Jef Wong

Contributors: Michael Crampin, Grant Allen- slice image makers