Delilah (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Lun Yau, United Kingdom.

Use the current Delilah branding, and redesign the following items as part of the ‘DIY Hamper’. Consisting of Tea, Coffee, Voucher and a Bag.

Delilah is a delicatessen that sells selective foods from around the world. The food at Delilah speaks for itself, they are exotic, quality produce. Taking this concept, the packaging reflects the honest nature of Delilah’s foods.

The term ‘food speaks for itself’ approach lead a literal and visual approach. The speech bubble is a marque created to be applied consistently on Delilah’s packaging. The gift hamper packaging show speech bubbles that can be customised by customer this adds a personalised gift element to their purchases.The packaging is inspired by chalkboards, which give an organic and personal feel. The packaging for tea and coffee used the same screen printed speech bubble package with the Delilah logo, as if Delilah is a person speaking. Coloured chalks are supplied within the hamper so that the packaging can be personalised as a gift.