Fedrigoni (Student Work)



Designed by Lun Yau, United Kingdom.

Produce a fully integrated campaign to launch and promote Fedrigoni’s ‘Imaginative Colours’ paper selection tool in the UK.

To create a campaign that appeals to the design industry by creating a spectacle of the coloured paper, displaying them not just as a flat product, but as the creative, tangible and versatile medium. Inviting members of the industry to discover the colours and precious papers of Fedrigoni’s ‘Imaginative Colours’ paper selection tool.

Presenting the potential of the colours and paper by exhibiting precious gemstones that are seen upon discovery. The discovery promotes the colour selection tools and shows the quality and capablities of Fedrigoni’s papers to the design industry. Representing each of the four ‘Imaginative Colours’ tools, are four gemstones crafted from the vivid colours.The facets of the gemstones contains different colours of paper to appear, as if the gemstones are shining and glimering.