Derrick Lin


Designed by P4CK Ltd, United Kingdom.
Additional Credits: Chris Eves, Luke Booth

Flexicarry® – Festival goers and sports fans have been able to carry their beverages with ease and less spillage, whilst retailers have benefited from a safer, cheaper and environmentally sustainable product. Current solutions for carrying beverages lack robustness and often cause spillage. Existing products use excessive material and have been identified as health and safety risks.

Supplied flat, its international patented design, invented, and manufactured in the UK from fully recyclable low slip LDPE: uses 40% less raw material than a card carrier. Its perfectly balanced with 1, 2 , 3 or 4 pints. Health and safety accredited for stadia – not a trip hazard or a projectile. No assembly, bending or folding required – just place the filled cups into the holes, and go!