Designed by Leonova Daria, Russia.

“Mirel” is brand #1 in Russia in terms of consumption of fresh cakes and pastries. For the past 30 years, production of “Mirel” cake factories is renowned for the high quality of its ingredients, safety and high-tech manufacturing processes. Packaging of this big brand has not been updated for many years and looked outdated.

The task was to create a design for a cardboard packaging for 3 series of “Mirel” cakes: chocolate cakes, sour cream cakes, homemade cakes.

The main objectives of the re-design were:
– Bind the design to the slogan “Russia’s Favourite Cakes”
– Show that it is brand #1 in terms of consumption
– To show the ingredients and the decoration of the cake on the front of the package
– To make the packaging more modern with a “tasty” food area

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