Designed by New Vision Packaging, United Kingdom.


New Vision Packaging, the packaging design and sourcing specialist, has secured a contract with Pure Spa Products to work on their latest beauty range sold in an exclusive deal with ASDA supermarkets.

The agreement has seen Northampton-based New Vision Packaging source the materials and complete the structural design for three different packs of Pure Spa’s latest beauty product, N-Spa.

The packaging for the N-Spa lip balms uses a unique technique that keeps all of the products in place and on display in the box, but without the requirement for any plastics. Plastics are normally required to keep the integrity of a packaging structure in place, while allowing the consumer to see the product within. New Vision Packaging designed a cardboard structure inside the packaging that keeps the product on view through a window, while still maintaining a rigid structure. This keeps the environmental impact of the packaging to a minimum as it is entirely made of cardboard.

Pure Spa’s brand manager, Claire Wall was thrilled with the end result and is very excited about the collaboration, she says:

“We are really pleased with the final result of the gift packaging, the print finish was exactly how we’d required it to look, with really vibrant colour. The solutions that New Vision Packaging supplied us with for the structure of the boxes has worked really well, we always enjoy working with their design team”.

Stephen Shortland, managing director of New Vision Packaging explains:

“The N-Spa beauty range is made up of vitamins and natural ingredients, it was important to keep these ideals in mind when designing the packaging. A variety of techniques were used across the three designs, including a PET carton, cardboard carton and matt finishes to the graphics. These materials ensured an organic look and feel to the final packaging, maintaining the branding of the product.”

The N-Spa beauty range is currently on sale exclusively in ASDA supermarkets across the UK.