Peoneve by Penhaligon’s

Derrick Lin


Designed by jkr (Jones Knowles Ritchie), United Kingdom.

Introducing Peoneve by Penhaligon’s

Inspired by the essence of an eccentric English Garden, Penhaligon’s are set to launch their latest fragrance Peoneve, with packaging designed by jkr.

“Peoneve was all about breaking with convention. We wanted to create a modern take on a floral fragrance, which could play on the seductiveness and sensuality of the flowers of Rose and Peony and break away from traditional associations.” Sarah Rotheram, CEO, Penhaligon’s.

The idea of an English garden in full bloom delivered a real source of inspiration for the design. By focussing on the beauty of the Peony rose at the heart of the fragrance, the design came to life through the colours, scents and dramatic shapes of this decadent flower.

“To capture the essence of this fragrance, the exquisite nature of a Peony rose in full bloom was the direct inspiration. The bold illustration and delicate typeface combined with the striking colours allowed us to break with convention and deliver a real sense of modernity.” Matt Gilpin, Design Director, jkr.

In order to move beyond the graphic representation of the flower, we used soft touch papers to replicate the feel of Peony petals, while the rose illustration was lifted with a gloss finish. This provided real tactility, enabling the design to appeal to people’s wider senses.

“For the packaging we knew what we didn’t want – anything too pretty or clichéd. An English country garden is filled with beautiful colours and tumbling patterns of leaves and florals. But we wanted to extract a different memory, that moment when you nestle into the bloom of the flower. The plum background and feel of the paper delivers this rich story. We are delighted with the final packaging.” Sarah Rotheram, CEO, Penhaligon’s.

“The design is bold and simple. The hit of hot pink really replicates the robust and exhilarating smell of the fragrance” said Jovan Buac, Account Director, jkr. “Using an illustrated Peony helps nod back to the Penhaligon’s craft and heritage, but overall the design evokes a modern reinvention of a rose based scent.”

To celebrate this launch, the new fragrance will be brought to life on the Fifth Floor Terrace at Harvey Nichols with the creation of a multi-sensory garden. This unique installation will include a cocktail and dessert menu inspired by the Peoneve fragrance. For more information on how to attend, please read here


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