Partout- Everywhere (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Adi Gaon, Israel.

The brief presented a situation where Israel bombed the Iranian nuclear reactor and as a response, Iran bombs Tel Aviv. There is a war and Tel Aviv becomes a deserted city.

The concept of this identity is cynical, and is relaying on the criticism that was raised against Tel Aviv in the last war, where Tel Aviv wasn’t at war, but in coffee shops. Now, that Tel Aviv is deserted, a need has grown for the people of Tel Aviv to keep their daily routine. To keep up with the boutique coffee shops and their hot- non fat- no cream- brown sugar- decaff- latte macchiato, even when they are far away from Tel Aviv.

“Partout- everywhere” is a mobile boutique coffee shop, providing the french experience to all of the shelters throughout Israel. The take away orders will be made by phone or through the website and then an armor protected truck will make it’s away with the goodies.

The identity for “Parout- Everywhere” is playing in two levels. The first, the high, french boutique coffee shop, and the second is aerial war. Both of the levels are expressed throughout the identity, constantly.

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