We Are The World

Derrick Lin


Designed by Alberto Zalduendo.
University Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia in Idep, Barcelona.
Country: Spain.

We Are The World Theme: Faith
Faith is, generally, confidence or belief in something or someone, the evidence of things not seen. Based on this topic I decided to create a graphic identity to present to humanity space. The idea is to send a container box with a probe into space in order to make ourselves known against aliens, leaning on an earlier draft of NASA. The box contains examples of what defines us to introduce ourselves to the world: A book about the solar system, the human, the animal kingdom etc. values ​​of the project are: neutrality, humanity, Universality and Timelessness The graphic image respects these values because it has to represent all humans equally and indefinitely. In addition most of the content should be visual and simple as possible to make it easy to understand. ‘s logo and part of the graphs are circular because the circle is the most natural: The planets, suns, our cells, atoms … are spherical. The final project has helped me to accomplish a great work of synthesis. Based on a large amount of initial information, I have been filtering and simplifying information to get the final result: A summary of humanity in a book and several auxiliary pieces inside a small box. Finally the whole subject of aliens … is just an excuse to make the project more attractive since, this book could well serve for initiation of children in education. One way to get a lot of information, sometimes complicated, much more visual and attractive.

Translated from Spanish