Designed by Falcon, United Kingdom.

Snopake Brands asked us to redefine their pen brand, Platignum, to create a more contemporary style. We leveraged the nib brand icon and used different hand-writing styles to give each variety of pen a unique signature.

“Platignum needs to stand out in store and be crystal clear in what it is delivering. We have had excellent feedback from our customers and the Platignum team are delighted. Falcon has achieved an excellent solution.”
Ronald Stern, Managing Director of The Snopake Group

The London based Platignum Pen Company was founded in 1919 and has a history to be proud of. Since acquiring the brand in 2007, Snopake has been developing a new range of products, seeking to redefine Platignum with a more contemporary offer and younger image.

We were briefed to enhance Platignum’s quality British credentials and create packaging that was eye-catching and fresh. A coherent pack architecture and range navigation was needed to help bring clarity to the different designs and formats of pen on offer.

Taking cues from designer luggage/fashion brands the icon from the brand marque has been leveraged for instant brand recognition. It extends across background patterns and is used as a holding device for variety differentiation. Each variety within the range has been given its own personality in the form of a unique hand-written signature and distinctive colour or pattern revealed, off-pack, by a turning page device.

The simplicity and ease of variety differentiation is supported by a simple icon system which defines the pen’s format. A straightforward set of guidelines complete the brand redesign, ensuring the brand is translated consistently across all media.