Designed by Lee Saxelby at Flipflop Design, United Kingdom.

A line of non-peroxide teeth whitening products.

Client required:
New Branding and packaging design for non-peroxide teeth whitening products.

‘Prosmile+’ is a new range of non-peroxide teeth whitening products which offer professional dental whitening results at home. Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening kits are taking the market by storm and ‘Prosmile+’ required branding to set them apart from their competitors and target the niche market of beauty salons.

We needed to create a brand name and identity, which would clearly communicate the nature of the product. Prosmile+ achieves this, the ‘+’ symbol as part of the brand logo reinforcing the scientific nature of the brand. All of the products are packaged in 2 part rigid boxes which are a high quality structure, the lid with the sleek typography on a crisp white background depicts the scientific and effective nature of the product, with the colourful patterned base making it more aesthetically pleasing as well as allowing clear product differentiation. We wanted the packaging to not only have strong on-shelf appeal but also to have good secondary use and not be seen as unsustainable throwaway packaging. Biodegradable laminates help to resist the moisture in a bathroom environment. The colour matched tab adds a touch of luxury and the overall look portrays a superior product that fits well in a high end salon environment.