Sire 24

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Designed by Ignacio Guijarro of d6gn Studio, Spain.

Sire 24 is the consequence of a meticulous and handmade work, which respects the grape’s essence to the maximum. It is a Sire Winery project, recovered hundred-year-old vineyard in Ribera del Duero, Spain, from slender trunks and vigorous roots. The wine is produced with a traditional technique and natural method.

We transmit our products according to demands of clients. For this reason, we choose colaborate with Martin Berasategui Systems’ bottle. This packaging, filters naturally the wine’s solid waste without chemical additives. This method cut costs in the production and to provide the product with an added value. Furthermore, the special design base provides a new way to show and to serve the wine.

According to the doctrine of respect the origin and the natural quality of the wine, we have carried out a design with traditional techniques. The illustration is produced by water color that has been mixed by wine to obtain the oxidation of the spot of the drawing, supporting with his form the philosophy that the client wanted to transmit with his project.