A Life Of Fragments, Postmodern Fables

Derrick Lin


Designed by Cecelia Charlesworth, Australia.

Today, life is fast. It vaporises morals. Futility suits the postmodern, for words as well as things. But that doesn’t keep us asking questions: how to live and why?

The answers are deferred. As they always are, of course.

This book contains notes on postmodern aestheticization. And against it! You’re not done living because you chalk it up to artifice. This fable, reads like a space-age equivalent of the Delphic Oracle, with the message warning us of the ambivalence of postmodernism and urging us, to avoid its contemporary hubris [in the guise of technology and unending progress] if we are to avoid the worst. The passage presents the opposition of social progress and culture that is essential to the idea of the postmodern. Following are a selection of writings from the postmodern fable by Jean Francois Lyotard, which narrates a fabulous universe, that of technical images, that of cybernetic dialogue, a fabulous consciousness, that of making music with the power of imagination.

Note: this works comes in a clear perspex sleeve