Derrick Lin


Designed by Jeremy Slagle, United States.
Copywriter: Christine Myers

Gånola is a new bar that will be sold in a box instead of a wrapper. Two individually wrapped half-bars are inside so you can eat some now and keep the rest for later. The die cut window on the front allows people to see all the good stuff that’s inside.

Honest Goodness: Made with food that comes from the earth by people who are down to earth.

Our story began in Columbus, Ohio one winter day when, during a lull in triathalon season, we really REALLY wanted a granola bar, but couldn’t find one that was: a. Satisfying b. Scrumptious c. Simple
Calling upon our uncommon ingenuity, our love of being active, and our even greater love of really honest food, we hit the kitchen and perfected our recipe. We started by using as many ingredients as possible from honest, hardworking farmers and suppliers who really know their stuff to ensure quality, freshness and purity (and because we actually really enjoy getting to know the people who produce and provide us with our raw materials).

Once we’d created our natural, chunky chewy, completely delicious bars, we realized that we needed to name them. While randomly browsing through a Swedish dictionary (you know how you do) we stumbled on the word “gå,” which is Swedish for “tread.” Since, as active outdoors people and amateur environmentalists, we firmly believe in utilizing the world as our playground while treading lightly on the earth and leaving as little footprint as possible, it seemed like a sign. What, we mused, if instead of calling our creations granola bars we called them “gånola bars?” Genius? You tell us.