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Agency: Studio Schoch
Location: Switzerland

Fresh Corporate Design from Studio Schoch

Studio Schoch has developed the brand strategy as well as the brand design of the freshness concept „innveri“. The innovative and sustainable concept broadens a new horizon dealing with comestibles and keeps them fresh and tasty. The core values of this new brand combine freshness and design. Therefore the focus lies on a lot of white space in combination with a modern typography concept. The result is a very self-contained appearance, which is implemented on the product itself, at the point of sale as well as in their online presence. The reduced and striking design and he fresh food photography underlines the corporate design of „The Art of Freshness“. The design has been adapted on the packaging of the device as well as the stay fresh containers and accessories. What is more, the website, brochures, social media, fair- and promotion appearance have also been developed. „innveri“ products can already be purchased on