Ketos (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Josefine Björkman, Sweden.
Photography by: Susanne Karlsson and Linn Sjöberg

Ketos, No Compromices

A wine that sticks to your values

Most people want their body to be healthy and look a specific way, drinking wine usually doesn’t help you achieve that. No Compromises from Ketos is the wine that helps you stay healthy, by cooling the wine reducing the fructose and replacing it with stevia the wine has fewer carbohydrates while still having great taste and aroma of figs and pomegranate.
– Enjoy taking care of your body.

“Ketos vision is to make the decisions, choices and compromises in everyday life, as easy as possible. With the values of a person who doesn’t compromise, Ketos satisfies the needs of a healthy alternative and innovative solution for keeping those promises.”

The target audience is the age between 20-50, values hard work both in the career and the essence of working out. The target group loves drinking wine to dinner, to relax or having fun with friends, but do not like the calories it contains. The target group is determined to succeed in everything he/she does, and do not like to compromise with his value of a healthy lifestyle. No junk in the trunk.

The bottle of the Ketos wine
Its design is strongly influenced by the idea of health and sport is in our mind. It is made with a simple and sophisticated design to stand out on the shelfs and to make a stand that it is not the typical wine. The shape of the bottle is in line with the essence of the brand, simplicity and movement.To emphasize the feeling of a healthy lifestyle the brand uses metallic, red, black and white.