Where Doodle You Do (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Petter Bratland, Norway.

This is my final exam at NKF in Oslo.
The assignment was to consern something you like/love in your life and make a packaging design out of it.
The hard thing was to find out what i really like, and how to make a up a concept and packaging concerning it.
… what i really like is to relax and take it easy. And to draw/doodle. And travel. So therefore i decided to make up a packaging containing a marker, paper and a phamplet about creativity, providing a boost to your work.
The concept is a new kind of Social network where you buy my package whitch are custom made to each Airport they are sold. Draw something on the paper with the marker, fold the phmaplet to an easel, and take a photo of it with your smartphone. Upload the photo to a website showing people where you are and what you have drawn.
Kind of Instagram meets a mix of manual and digital creativity…

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