Covador Xeres Cigar Packaging (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Aik Chin Teoh.
Country: Australia
School: RMIT University

The aim of this project is to establish a new cigar brand personality with the use of as little resources as possible. Besides being able to minimize consumer waste, the product package must also be able to satisfy the products’ needs and differentiable from its direct competitors.

The brand “Covador Xeres” serves to engage the consumers by integrating an interesting historical reference. It is named after key figures in the history of cigar, Christopher Columbus, Rodrigo de Xeres and San Salvador. Black and high-chroma yellow-orange, both a symbolization of power, elegance, joy and luxuriance. This is further reinforced by the logo that serves to remind consumer about prestige and royalty.
Instead of the usual cigars’ flat square box; the structure of this packaging is inspired by the shape of a flip mobile. It’s fully enclosed surface gives high level of content protection.To provide the consumers with a more satisfactory experience with the product, the structure is made not only slightly slimmer at the bottom for comfortable gripping but also is equipped with “lifting feature” allowing cigars to be lifted up easily. Hence, users would feel uninhibited when using this product. This packaging is constructed entirely with paper with very minimal gluing, which is eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment and in order to avoid damage to its content, a carefully selected non-textural heavy weight paper stock is used.