Designed by Solid Block, United Kingdom.

Solid Block Unveils New Packaging for GNAW Chocolate

Strategic design agency Solid Block has created designs for GNAW Chocolate’s new 150g bag of Chocolate Buttons.

The new packs, which are bigger than the existing ones, will be rolled out across the UK from December. They will be sold through a variety of retailers, from health food shops to theatres and join the existing range of GNAW products – Bars and Hot Choc Shots – whose packaging was also designed by Solid Block.

The agency’s brief was to ensure that the product has stand-out at fixture, across a number of different retail environments, whether as a standalone item, or part of a bigger display.

Furthermore, to communicate GNAW’s use of natural ingredients, their support for red squirrel conservation and to convey one of their core values, a sense of playfulness.

Solid Block Founder Mark Salisbury says: “As the GNAW brand continues its expansion into new markets, we wanted to give the Chocolate Buttons a packaging revamp that would work across a number of retail settings, differentiate the product from other premium confectionery and communicate a feeling of fun.”

Solid Block have worked with GNAW since the brand’s inception in February 2011. They have overseen the naming of the brand and the creation of its assets, including the packaging, print, web design, custom illustrations and copywriting.

The brand is now available in over 600 UK retailers, including Harrods. It is also exported to Dubai, Oman and Denmark. North America and Canada will follow soon. Sales of £400,000 are expected this year, increasing by a further 50% next year.

“Less of a brief, more of a blank sheet” is how Simon Roddis, Solid Block’s other founder describes the original challenge. “Two people with nothing but a desire to make fantastic chocolate approached us to make the rest.

Looking for a point of difference in a crowded premium confectionery market, we conceived an identity that communicates a high quality product in a fun and playful manner. We wanted to create a brand that stood out in a sector which can sometimes take itself a little too seriously.”

Having been so closely involved in GNAW’s development and subsequent growth, Solid Block now enjoy a high level of trust and creative freedom.

Mark Salisbury: “We know the ins and outs of the business, we have a clear understanding of where the brand is heading and we’re often involved at the early stages of decisions. It’s a great thing to be part of.”