Blackwood Cat Food

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ideas that Kick, United States.

Kick Woos Finicky Cat Owners with New Packaging

Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 24, 2013 — Minneapolis-based design consultancy Ideas that Kick recently redesigned packaging for Blackwood Pet Food’s full line of super-premium cat foods.

The agency’s new design places key nutritional information for each recipe front and just a bit off-center on each bag. Because pet-loving families want to feel good, at first glance, about what they’re feeding Fluffy.

“Our nutrition-based bag fronts make it easy for busy store clerks to recommend Blackwood foods to pet owners,” says Mary Kemp, Kick President and Brand Strategist. “That’s important with pet owners becoming more concerned about pet nutrition.”

“This design concept was first applied to Blackwood’s super-premium dog recipes earlier this year,” adds Stefan Hartung, Kick Creative Director. “The combination of photography, key facts and a clear sense of content organization really help the brand stand out on shelves.”

“Soon after we introduced our new package redesign, we began hearing great things from customers old and new. We’ve received so many compliments, which all say the same thing. Blackwood really stands out on store shelves. Our packaging really is a rockstar touchpoint for our brand,” says Matt Golladay, Blackwood Pet Food Vice President.