Chocolate Memories



Designed by Paperjam Design, United Kingdom.

Creating luxury packaging on a limited budget…Belfast based firm, Paperjam Design, creates luxurious packaging for new range of artisan chocolates created by Northern Ireland charity Chocolate Memories.

Belfast based design firm, Paperjam Design, were approached by charity group Autism Initiatives to create a brand for their new social enterprise, Chocolate Memories. Chocolate Memories is an innovative new business that offers unique training opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Condition.

The charity had little funds to spend on the branding of their new social enterprise, using Business in the Community’s scheme ‘ProHelp’ the charity were given the opportunity to work with Paperjam Design – who created a brand identity on a pro-bono basis.

The new brand encompassed everything Chocolate Memories wanted to pilot their chocolate bars: a colourful, eye-catching identity that would stand out on the shelves against the competition.

The initial eye-catching packaging worked well and the sales of chocolate bars were very successful. Following this success the charity won ‘Best New Social Enterprise’ at the Social Enterprise Awards 2012, which coincided with their second year in business celebrations.

After this initial success the team decided to develop their range of products, by launching a new range of handcrafted artisan chocolates.

Paperjam were approached again by the charity to create a new packaging design with a more decadent, luxurious style for their new artisan range. Given this new brief Paperjam designed a range of boxes that were practical for production, elegantly designed and showcased the product beautifully.

Paperjam used an art deco inspired typeface and a subtle colour palette to accentuate the elegance and decadence of this more sophisticated product, elevating it to a premium brand.

Paperjam didn’t want the new packaging to lose all of it’s original identity and character so they referenced elements of the original packaging design using similar typefaces, referencing original colours and using subtle swirls that made reference to the original cloud designs. Therefore the new packaging kept the feeling of an established brand, retaining character and giving it a sense of heritage.

The stylish new packaging made the product a perfect match for the new retail outlets Chocolate Memories are now targeting. The product now sits beautifully in upmarket retailers with packaging that conveys a high quality premium product.