Designed by Calcco, Spain.

After years of work in the world of communication and design, from Calcco we wanted to offer a gift to our customers by creating a 360 degree communication campaign, Caburé. It is a unique product that represents the combined efforts of several partner companies and which is embodied in a special edition of 150 marc bottles with a presentation and exclusive content.

Starting from the name and until the creation of an specific website and other communication elements, going through the packaging design and the filming of the entire process, the project Caburé has been a challenge for Calcco and our partners.

Let us see in detail the parts that give shape to the Caburé project:

The first step was the choice of the strategy, the name and the personality that we wanted to print to the project. After several approaches the name “Caburé” was chosen, a small nocturnal bird of prey which according to popular belief brings good luck in love, in health and in the game. We think that giving away good luck in this new year that ends in “13” is a good idea that also rounds the global concept.

The packaging provides the physical side of the project. The aged wooden box is a small “shrine” for the bottle, with the logo and some sentences printed on fire on the doors. The bottom part has a drawer which contains 4 wooden coasters, also with etched designs, and three caburé feathers that are the good luck charm for the owner of the case.

The glass bottle is remarkable for the simplicity of its rectangular shape, ending in a robust glass base. Its transparency promotes the colour of the liquor, a redish tasty pomace produced exclusively for the project. The label on the bottle is a plea on creativity, taste, style and detail, giving prominence to the name and to the silouette of the animal. The neck of the bottle is covered with a printed strip that seals the cap and finishes the whole piece design.

The website ( provides the digital dimension and is the “live” part of the project.

The “Making of” is the piece of communication that best conveys the work of Calcco and our collaborators, summarizing nearly all phases of development and production.

We send special thanks to our partners for allowing this project to become true; to Estuchería Vargas for the wooden cases, to IPE (Innovaciones para Etiquetajes) for the printing, to Saverglass for the glass bottle and to Vinos y Licores Renocal for the marc.