EVOLET Bio Sensation Tea



Designed by Horea Grindean, United Kingdom.

EVOLET Bio Sensation are organic teas carefully selected from ecological agriculture and are perfect for infusions. EVOLET Bio Sensation tea range has 8 assortments: Cinnamon & Peppermint Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, Multi-fruit Tea, Green Tea & Tropical Fruits, Fruit Garden Tea, Sencha Green Tea, Wild Berry Tea and Rooibos Twist Tea.

Inside the box you’ll find a bag of premium and organic loose tea , and as a gift, a spoon and tea bags for infusion that, will help you have your perfect tea anywhere, anytime and much easier. Each package design has a story that was linked with the tea assortment. For example, the Cinnamon & Peppermint tea has an indian theme because cinnamon comes from India.

The company who own this brand is Kalpo from Romania.