Love at First Sight

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Reverse Innovation
Alice Tacconi (Creative direction)
Mirco Onesti (Art direction)
Gustavo de Souza Messias (Structural Design)
Peter Solomon (Project Management)
Valerio Tizzi (Illustration)
Luca Mazzoleni (Graphic Design)
Country: Italy

Love at First Sight– A total makeover for Ansell’s line of personal lubricant gel

Reverse Innovation has restyled both the graphics and structural packaging for the global range of Lifestyles, Manix and Unimil personal lubricant gel, brands produced by Ansell Limited. The project included a new pack design that helps the product to stand out, arouses curiosity, conveys a sense of trust and gives free reign to the imagination; all this has been done with a sensitive and sophisticated touch of sensuality. This packaging has just won three important prizes: Good Design Award, Brand Identity Grand Prix and Mediastars.

The structural packaging of this product is so original that a design registration has been filed for protect it. “Stability and sensuality” are coupled in the container’s highly distinctive shape. The iconic design reinforces the brand’s identity and marks a truly innovative development in the visual language of the product category. The unique delivery mechanism is highly ergonomic, allowing instant and easy control over the flow of the gel. The ring on the top which gives the product its distinctive character and outline also functions as a playful handle. And finally, the security seal guarantees the safety of the contents for the customer. The product is available in two sizes: 50ml and 100ml.

The graphic restyling of the new range works so well that the product immediately communicates the main information consumers need. Five carefully-selected colours are used to identify the fragrances. The blushing tonal gradients represent the rising sensation of pleasure. On the shelf, the product’s elegant silhouette catches the eye, while the simple but effective style of the graphics inspires a sense of trust. No-one will feel embarrassed picking up the discreet product up and putting it in the trolley shopping cart. The pack has been specially created to be perfectly acceptable in public and in all distribution channels. Overall, the product coveys an image that is freewheeling, fresh and timeless empowering Ansell Limited with a distinctive brand identity at the point of sale.