Rosato – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Designed by Apple&Pear, United Kingdom.

Rosato is a new Swiss company producing premium quality mono-variety extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, in the South of Italy.

Rosato identity is all inspired to the authenticity of their premium quality extra virgin olive oil, their attention to details and their connection with tradition throughout all the production process. The project included the logo, stationery, packaging and website.

The packaging of the olive oil bottle – including two different labels for the mono-variety Coratina and Cerasola – is developed to have a rustic and elegant feel at the same time, with a simple shape combined to a carefully detailed use of typography and lines. All the printed materials, from the business card to the packaging labels, has been
printed on a recycled paper, Woodstock Betulla by Fedrigoni.

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