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Designed by CJ Rhodes, Australia.

Andrew Seppelt on ‘Primitivo’:
In a moment of brash enthusiasm I said yes. We now grow a rare clone of Primitivo Di Goia right next to some Zinfandel I got from Christian Canute. Having never even seen a Primitivo vine before, and working simply on the theory that it’s the same as Zinfandel, we grew it. They’re not the same. Primitivo is much – much better! Bright blue fruit aromatics and a long fresh palate is a good start, but when I learned the finer skills of extended maceration the stuff came alive. I reckon it’s pretty magic.

Finding the sweet spot of ripeness sees a lot of puckered up little berries which makes sugar measurement irrelevant to the flavours, but fortunately this chap’s settled on a respectable 14% alcohol.